9 Ways to Score the Best Deal While Shopping

9 Ways to Score the Best Deal While Shopping

Happy Wednesday!

I get a lot of questions about how I always score the best deals; today I’m going to tell you how! (It really isn’t much of a secret, it’s all about being smart about how you shop!).

P.S. I am by no means some expert shopper, but I am a pretty intense bargain hunter.

First of all, let me share with you the two no brainers that will 100% give you money every time you spend:

  1. Ebates. Whenever I can, I try to shop online if the store is signed up with Ebates. Not every store is signed up with them, but quite a few are. If you don’t know your size, you can always go into store to try on first, and then purchase it online. Or, if the online store allows free returns, then you’re in luck – order different sizes to try on! Sometimes Ebates even has double cashback days – always sign up for email alerts to keep posted! Here is a link you can sign up with!
  2. A cash back credit card. For the longest time I was signed up with airmiles, however… after doing some extensive thinking, I decided to go with a cashback card. There are usually lots of promotions going around for first-time card holders, as well as several different cash back cards offering different incentives. Do your research and find out which one best suits your lifestyle!9 Ways to Score the Best Deal While Shopping
    And then here are some more tips…
  3. Always, always, always look for online coupons. More often then not, a lot of retailers offer online coupons for first time shoppers/orders on their site if you sign up for their emails. Take advantage of this. Otherwise, you can always search up “name of store coupons” and sometimes online codes will pop up! Chris and I did this for pizza 73 once and we ended up getting two medium custom pizzas for something like $5 each LOL. Which brings me to the next point…
  4. Sign up for emails for the retailers you shop most frequently from. You will be the first to be notified about sales and coupon codes!
  5. GO TO THE SALE SECTION. I rarely buy anything at full price unless I am absolutely in love with it, which is, well, rare.
  6. Thrift. If you haven’t thrifted before or you have your reservations about thrifting, get over it and get into a thrift store STAT. You are missing out so hard. Everything is unique, one of a kind, or a sweet cop. Thrifting requires a lot of patience, but if you’re willing to stick it out, you can come out with lots of loots. Sometimes certain thrift stores will mark up their prices drastically, but they too, may offer special sales every now and then. For novice thrifters, Value Village does have 50% off sales and Goodwill has different coloured tag sales, so be sure to stay on top of that! And for those of you who may not be into the super vintage-y things, there are lots of local consignment stores that carry more modern, up-to-date clothing.
  7. Discount stores like Winners and Marshalls sometimes carry winners (ha ha ha) in their stores for a great price. I’ve copped a sweet pair of black ripped jeans for $13 and a black distressed denim jacket for $18 on my last trip there!
  8. Do not spend a lot on trendy items. “Trendy” items differ from person to person, however, if you don’t see yourself wearing it often down the road, don’t spend a crap ton of money on it. There are a bunch of stores (and discount stores) that sell trendy items for cheap at the mall. It may not be the best quality, but it’s a great way to try out a trend first without the investment in case it ain’t what you really want.
  9. Use an app/plugin that tells you when your items go on sale! I just started using Shoptagr, a plugin that tells me when the item on my wishlist goes on sale. I haven’t decided if I love it just yet, but it’s definitely handy to have!

And finally…. something that I am currently trying to learn is…
You will never get all the best deals.
Sometimes by the time an item you wants drops to a certain price point, the size or colour you want might not be available anymore. Use your judgment to decide whether or not you could live down how much you’re paying for something if you really want it!

9 Ways to Score the Best Deal While ShoppingChristopher Nguyen Photography

Check out some sweet deals I scored in the past! If you have any more tips, feel free to leave them down below!
Happy Shopping! 

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