The Cami Over Turtleneck Trend: Black Crushed Velvet Cami & Camel Turtleneck edition

black crushed velvet cami over camel turtleneck detail shot

Happy Friday!
Today I bring to you a trend that many are unsure of – the cami over turtleneck/shirt trend.

Chris actually does not particularly like this trend; he made several comments about it looking weird when we shot a couple of these outfits. Yes, there are more “cami-over-shirt/turtleneck” posts coming soon! Those of you who have gotten photos taken of them for social media before will know that, sometimes, planned shots do not turn out. This particular outfit was one of those “get a shot of me to see what it looks like!” which turned into us not liking it much, and then me looking at it later and kicking myself for not getting more shots. Because I actually freaking love the colours, the feminine and masculinity of this look. My insides were screaming, POST THIS! So here are the three shots of this outfit we got for you guys.

black crushed velvet cami over camel turtleneck
Outfit details:
Camel turtleneck: Forever 21/Black crushed velvet cami: Ardenes/Black dress pants: Sirens/Black booties: Call It Spring/Black zippered chain bag: Rebecca Minkoff

black crushed velvet cami over camel turtleneck detail shot
Excluding the bag, this outfit amounts to under a hundred bucks! While shopping, I came across the black crushed velvet cami randomly for seven bucks. SUCH A STEAL. Of course I had to pick it up in two sizes, one for wearing as a cami and one for layering. Classic Rebecca move.

black crushed velvet cami over camel turtleneck

Photos by Christopher Nguyen

I feel like I’ve been lacking in posts lately; I told myself I would post only once a week because of the amount of outfit shots Chris & I are able to fit in weekly. However, I’ve decided to kick that idea out and post at least once a week and whenever I want. It’s hard to feel connected to my readers/followers when all I do is strictly post about the technicalities and nothing personal. After all, this is my blog and my space for me to post anything that enlightens and inspires. Even if it means short, baby posts of what I enjoyed doing during the day.

A May vlog will be coming soon on my YouTube channel – Editing is in the works! Stay tuned!

Hope you guys have a great weekend – see you soon!

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