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The Beltliner - Clubhouse

Hey guys!

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted about food!

I love brunch. I’ve always wanted to take my mother & father for brunch, but they always redirected my intentions of taking them out for it, and we end up going to Pebble Street for Chinese afternoon tea instead. Very Chinese of them, I know. But mom loves Chinese food and there is just no steering her clear of that!

I took the week off work last week, and to my surprise, my mother asked to take me to The Beltliner for brunch. She mentioned that she had went there for brunch with her coworkers awhile back and enjoyed the big portions (those of you from a Chinese family would know that big portions are crucial to one’s dining experience, of course). The Beltliner has a cute little diner vibe going on, greeting you with a coffee bar at the front.

We were seated quickly as soon as we got in. It was around 11AM on a Monday morning and it was pretty quiet. Our drinking glasses were mason jars – something that the inner hipster in me absolutely adores! The food menu was one sided, but offered plenty of options to choose from. Despite the options, ya’ll know I love to stick with what I know…

I’m a chronic eggs-benedict orderer. All I ever order are eggs bennies because it is all I ever want to know for breakfast. So of course, I ordered the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict ($18).

The Beltliner - Smoked Salmon Egg Benedict
The Smoked Salmon Egg Benedict consists of wild salmon, cream cheese, preserved lemon & fresh dill. It came with two blocks of hashbrowns, which unfortunately, I was not a huge fan of. To be honest, they tasted like two pieces of bland, potato wedges. The egg benedicts themselves were not bad, but nothing particularly special either. I am a dedicated returning customer of Over Easy Breakfast; and like a true dedicate-tee, I prefer their egg benedicts over The Beltliner.

The Beltliner - Clubhouse

Mom ordered the same thing she ordered the last time she went out with her coworkers – the Clubhouse Sandwich ($16). It consists of smoked chicken, hutterite bacon, tomato, arugula, & lemon chive aioli. She ordered it with a side of green salad. I actually quite enjoyed the piece of sandwich I tried! Wish I had more to say about the sandwich, however I’m not much of a sandwich connoisseur; I rarely ever order sandwiches unless it has albacore tuna or some kind of attractive sounding protein in it.

Overall, The Beltliner was a nice dining experience. Personally, I wouldn’t choose to go back myself, as there wasn’t much else that really stood out to me on the menu. However, if I was to, I’d definitely try something different next time.

YYC readers, have you been to The Beltliner? What did you try? Did you like it? What are your favourite places to brunch at?

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