Street Wear Meets Office Attire

I am so excited to share this post with you guys today! This has been one of my favourite outfits and setting that we have done so far. It sticks true to my style – I love street wear, and this was spontaneous, last minute, and effortless.

Chris & I have been loving the idea of plants (I say idea because we haven’t committed to it fully quite yet….). I currently own an airplant (alive), a kalanchoe (which is basically dead), and a cactus/succulent mix (alive) in a pot. Several years ago, my friends and I made two terrariums with cactuses, but those are long dead now. Unfortunately, plants are not my specialty and I seem to bring death to them a lot quicker than what the internet says they are supposed to last for. But at least I’m still trying to keep them alive – Chris does not have a plant at all. However, that doesn’t stop us from wanting to own a bonsai tree and several other greeneries in the near future.

On this day that we decided to visit Plant in Inglewood, I wore Chris’ sweatshirt over a long, white collared sleeveless chiffon tank and a black hat for a polished look. I love the contrast of this outfit; street style cool meets office-proper serious. And you know I’m never about looking formal and serious. This was a last minute outfit thrown together and it turned out super cute! I also rocked a brown liquid lip that day that I felt really completed the look.

Sweatshirt – Stussy
Tank top – Stitches
Hat – Indigo
Liquid lipstick – NYX Lingerie in Teddy

It was a pretty cold day, so Chris held onto my big winter jacket, my bag, and my coffee all while taking these photos. Another most-patient-boyfriend-of-the-year award! Thank you babe.

Photos by Christopher Nguyen

Thanks for reading! xo

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