REVIEW & SWATCHES: NYC Lovatics by Demi Natural Eyeshadow Palette

For those of you who know me… you know I love a good deal. Who doesn’t!?

I am a drugstore makeup fanatic… I spend hours standing in the makeup aisle googling a million reviews & swatches of every single product that I want to try. (Sorry to whoever goes to Walmart/Superstore/London Drugs/Shoppers with me)! I LOVE trying new products. So I thought… why not contribute and start reviewing makeup products? I’ve had and continue to try (but clearly never get to because I have trouble following through sometimes…) to do makeup tutorials/reviews on Youtube (click here for my channel) but have never blogged a review. I do hope to do a tutorial with this palette soon though!

Being from Canada, I find that a lot of products I hear about from Youtubers don’t usually hit our shelves until way later… or they just never hit our shelves.

So to my surprise, when I went by Walmart a couple days ago, I saw the NYC Lovatics by Demi Natural Eyeshadow Palette. Yes. That’s right. The dupe of the original Naked by Urban Decay as per all of the interwebs. NO. WAY. There were two more palettes left on the shelf and needless to say, I immediately snagged it for the great price of $7.97!

Side note: I own the original Naked palette by Urban Decay… in fact, it was my very first high end eyeshadow palette. And to be honest… while I reach for it at least once a week to try to put it to good use, I’m not a huge fan of it. Naked is a warm toned palette, which should compliment my yellow undertones, but I find that it looks muddy on me for some reason.

Right from the looks of the palette, the eyeshadows appear to lean towards a cooler tone. It has a mix of shimmer & matte shades, all neutral colours. When you think NYC, you don’t always think quality (with the few exceptions of awesome products here and there)… but these eyeshadows were BUTTERY VELVET SOFT and had great pigmentation all across the board. Hands down even more buttery soft than the Naked palette.

As with most pigmented shadows, there is a bit of fallout, but that’s the price you pay for good pigmentation, yeah? Nothing a little makeup remover and cotton ball can’t fix!

Now onto the swatches (all taken outside in natural lighting)…


Swatches taken directly in sunlight

Swatches taken in the shade

As you can see… the payoff is amazeballs for a drugstore product. Especially a NYC product! I actually like this better than my Naked palette as it does not look muddy on me at all. The eyeshadows stayed on my lids all day with primer underneath and didn’t look like it faded one bit. So bomb. So sick. Great deal.

So would I recommend this? Absolutely. Excellent pigmentation, buttery velvet soft shadows, versatile every-day colours that can easily be turned into night-time looks, bang for your buck… you literally have nothing to lose.

Have you tried this palette out yet? Do you love it? If not, are you looking to, or is this a pass? Leave a comment down below, I’m always interested in your thoughts!

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