Nike BETRUE Flyknits

Nike BETRUE Flyknits

Chris and I got our hands on a pair of the Nike BETRUE flyknits!

Nike BETRUE Flyknits
Let me backtrack.

On our last evening in Portland (we had to leave the next morning), we visited the Nike outlet. Mainly because we hit up the outlet in Seattle as well and didn’t find anything, so we didn’t think too much about going to the one in Portland. We saw a bunch of the BETRUE knits for sale.

Never thought much of these when I saw them online before release.

Till I saw it in person.

I loved them!

However, there were no more in my size. Being the nice guy Chris was, he didn’t purchase a pair because he felt bad about me not being able to get a pair; we had hoped for these knits to be our first pair of matching kicks. Checked the interwebs – sold out in Canada and none left in my size on the American site. I left Portland all heavy-hearted (dramatic).

A week later, while Chris was at work, he texted me that the outlet in our city had the knits! He somehow spotted a pair that was my size in a video that someone had posted of the stock. I quickly called to ask if they still had it available, in which they confirmed that there was one pair left. Ya girl put it on hold, Chris went to pick it up after work (along with a pair for himself), and that was that.

Nike BETRUE Flyknits
These are freaking fiiiiiiireeeeeee yo.

Nike BETRUE Flyknits
Also wanted to show how I wear them – this is the perfect weekend uniform.

Nike BETRUE Flyknits
Lots of baby hairs – Beck’s head / Sweatshirt – Stussy / Leggings – generic ones from Asia / BETRUE flyknits – Nike 

Nike BETRUE FlyknitsPhotos by Christopher Nguyen

I start my new job tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Until next time – BECKS OUT!

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