My first high-tea experience!

Hi friends!

I wanted to do a little run down memory lane for Valentines Day/our two year anniversary shenanigans last month. Mostly so I can document it somewhere and look back at it whenever I want! Our anniversary is two days after Valentines Day, so the weekend before all this, Chris had secretly made reservations at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise for our first high tea experience. (Note: Chris asked me out at Lake Louise two years ago!) I’ve been wanting to try high tea for years now, so I was extremely surprised that Chris remembered me mentioning this a while back when we drove past the Oak Room at the Palliser downtown! (It takes a lot for him to get full so I never thought he would sacrifice filling his stomach for little fancy pastries!) We drove to Lake Louise early in the morning. Chris said he was told tables were first come first serve, and he wanted to get there right when it opened so we could sit by the big windows. Lo and behold, we were the first ones at the Chateau & sat right by the big window overlooking Lake Louise. *sigh* he is so sweet!

We ordered the Valentines Day special, a set “his” and “hers” menu. The waitress informed us that we didn’t have to stick with the menu and could pick and choose from either menus for each different course. We decided to just stick with the his/her menus and take a bite out of each other’s food. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of Chris’ ‘Cold Savoury’ dish (I got it all on video footage instead), but here are mine and (one) of his!

We started off by choosing a tea – we both got the Jasmine Butterfly Green tea. There were a variety of teas to choose from, but we both love green tea and figured it would be nice to have more of a mellow tasting tea to pair with our food.

The first course came out. We were both a little disappointed when it didn’t come out on the high tea stand that we see everywhere! I’m guessing it was a set menu, so it came out on different plates instead. Both of us got the Fresh Seasonal Berries with Alpine Whipped Cream as a starter (no picture, I was too caught up trying to film). It was the fluffiest and most delicious whipped cream in a little jar with the sweetest strawberries and blueberries on top. Chris agreed. I licked every last dollop of whipped cream from my jar, but Chris ate his cream half way, put it down to talk and then… the waitress thought he was done and took it away. HAHA.

This was the next “Cold Savoury” course. It consisted of a Mini Lobster Croissant, Smoked Salmon Rosette, and English Cucumber (with lemon thyme cream cheese). This one was hands down one of my favourite dish! Chris’ cold savoury dish was also delicious (sorry no picture!). It had a Mini Shrimp Cocktail, Smoked Salmon Roulade, and English Cucumber (with lemon thyme cream cheese) as well. The shrimp cocktail was so tasty!

Next was the “Hot Savoury” course. It consisted of a Traditional Eggs Benedict, Homemade Chicken Pot Pie, and Ham & Brie Quiche with duck confit. I have to say I liked Chris’ hot savoury course more, but the poached egg on the eggs benedict was perfection and it was also the tiniest eggs benny I have ever seen in my life. So cute!

This was Chris’ hot & savoury entree. It consisted of a Traditional Eggs Benedict, Alberta Beef Strip Loin Sandwich with horseradish cream, and a Pulled Pork Slider with expresso BBQ sauce. The horseradish cream on the sandwich was surprisingly cold and threw us off (we weren’t a fan), but again, the poached egg on the eggs benny was perfect, and the BBQ sauce on the pulled pork was quite flavourful but not overpowering, which we enjoyed (note: we both do not like BBQ sauce!)

The next course was a shared one – Buttermilk Scones with Devonshire cream, house preserve & lemon curd. Ugnnffffff. UGHHHNNNFFF. I love scones and pastries and anything made of carbs. These scones were soft and buttery and so amazing. The Devonshire cream was fluffy and creamy, the lemon curd was perfect and not tart at all, and the jam…. YUM. I was basically piling and mixing each of these sauces onto every bite of scone I took. I’m actually salivating thinking about how good these were.

The last course was a dessert buffet. We were allowed to choose four items. Being cheeky, we both got the biggest piece of cake that was offered at the buffet (pictured above), thinking it was cheesecake, but it turned out to be some kind of lemon meringue (we think) sandwiched between two pieces of shortbread cookies. I got two macarons and a vanilla chai cake, and Chris got a cheesecake, some other type of cake and a chocolate mousse. Unfortunately, we weren’t crazy about any of the desserts (except Chris loved his cheesecake with the blueberry layer on top).

This was such a fun experience and we’re excited to try out a new high tea place next time! (Hopefully with the stand, hehehe)

To end this post, I finally bought my own domain & host *yay*! After weeks of researching/contemplating, and blogging on and off for several years on different free platforms, I made the dive! Can’t wait to share more with you guys!

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