Happy 2nd Birthday, Wigmund!

Today is my son, Wigmund’s 2nd birthday! Wigmund is extremely special to my family, Chris, and especially me. I have always believed that he came at the perfect time in my life – he was and always will be a blessing. In fact, he came at a time when my parents told me “NO” to having a dog in the house, at a time when I just got back from New York, at a time when I landed a full time position at work, at a time when I’ve just entered into a relationship with Chris. A lot of things were happening for me at the time, but I have researched owning a dog for a long time, knowing I either wanted a French Bulldog or an Australian Shepherd. So when I saw an ad for frenchies for the millionth time I surfed Kijiji, I set my foot down and told Chris, “let’s go see these puppies”! I kept telling Chris that I would not be taking one home for sure that day, (“If I decide to get one it’ll be the next day so I can prepare everything”) because I did not have the house or supplies ready for a puppy yet.

I was super anxious when we got to the breeder’s door. I’ve only seen french bulldog puppies in videos but never in real life, and I was soooo excited! The breeder opened the door and one baby frenchie with his ears taped together ran out into the hallway (it was an apartment) & I was sold. It was so cute and I couldn’t stop gushing about how adorable it was. When we went in, there were another three or four other puppies running around inside. I was in puppy heaven.

Wigmund sleeping in my lap at the breeder’s

All the puppies were adorable and I couldn’t decide which one I wanted. Initially I thought I wanted the one frenchie that was mellow and quiet; he stayed in my lap and loved cuddling. However, Chris pointed out that he liked the mischievous one with the taped ears (the same one who ran out of the apartment), who was clearly the runt of the litter, and was running around terrorizing and humping his brothers. Admittedly, I did not give this little runt a second thought because his ears were taped and I thought it was because something was wrong with him.. but the breeder informed us that his ears were taped to ensure they stay up. I tried to play with this little runt, but he ignored me and continue to do his own thing – annoy his brothers.  As I watched him play, I fell in love with his personality. He was a trouble maker and spontaneous – completely opposite of everything I was, but I loved it. But it was when he came over and fell asleep in my lap from exhaustion… that’s when I knew he was my Wigmund.

Wigmund & I outside Petsmart about to get his stuff after leaving the breeders!

So Chris & I left with Wigmund in my arms, a giant smile plastered on my face. I know – I said  wasn’t going to take a puppy home that day but I did anyways. Mom texted me asking me what I was doing, and I told her – I GOT A DOG! She was furious. (She now loves him to bits and pieces, making him fresh vegetables and fruits of sorts, and holds him like a baby on a regular basis despite the looks he gives me when she does). My dad never believed in getting emotionally attached to an animal – but now he knows why people do, because he’s attached now too! Chris’ paternal instincts also kicked in real quick – he is extremely protective and obnoxiously obsessed with Wigmund 😉

This is Rambo (right). He is Wigmund’s brother. His owners & I met coincidentally at a pet fair in the summer – Wigmund & Rambo started playing and the owners spoke about how similar they looked. Turned out they were from the same litter! It was my first time seeing Wigmund so happy!

Watching Wigmund grow has been incredible. I have learned so much as a dog mom – how to be selfless, how to love unconditionally, and how to be responsible. There is definitely a different kind of responsibility you get when you consciously make the decision to commit to giving all your love, care, and attention to a living, breathing, bat pig. I have always believed he was put into my life for a reason – I was healthy the first five months that I had him, and then became very ill. It was a time of stress an unhappiness… I had my first biopsy and was being tested for lymphoma. I was scared and anxious. But Wigmund stuck through it all with me. I look back all the time and think about how amazing it was that he came to me right before shit hit the fan with my health.. he was planned for me, he was god-sent, he was my miracle.  He came at the perfect time.

Fast forward almost a year after that incident, I became very ill again. I had to take leave from work – I couldn’t get out of bed at all. Wigmund stayed with me in bed for days. He would only get up for meals, to pee, and whenever I tried to get out of bed to go to the bathroom. He would follow me into the bathroom and sit and wait on the bath mat. He laid next to me on nights that I cried about my uncertainties and diagnosis. I honestly could not have asked for a more loyal, loving, and supportive best friend.  Everyone who is close to me knows how special Wigmund is to me and how special he is to them; and everyone that has met Wigmund knows how just exactly why he is so incredible.

HAPPY SECOND BIRTHDAY, WIGMUND! We love you so much. You’ll get your little beef cake this weekend, after we dress you up and take a million photos of you outside.

We love you so much, juuuubz.

Mum says I have nice hips

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Forever my baby you’ll be,
Your mom xoxoxo

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