Chris and I finally got the chance to drive down to Waterton a couple weeks ago, after postponing it several times since the summer as I wasn’t feeling well every time we were about to go. Of course, as usual, we took Wigmund with us. We did a small hike up Bear’s Hump – it was Wigmund’s first hike and he took it like a champ. So proud of him. So proud. In fact, he did even better than I did! It was windy AF, several times he would sit on his butt to prevent from blowing away. I am not exaggerating at all! Picture proof:

He looks so unhappy here, LOL. But I swear he looked like he had fun most of the time. He passed out so hard the rest of the day. Maybe we should start him off with long walks before hitting him with a full on hike.

I won’t go into detail about all the medical stuff, but I’ve been up and down, some days better than others. Things have mostly¬†been looking up and I am so grateful. I can’t wait till things are stabilized and I can start travelling again! The mountains will do for now.

I’ve been very lucky, and not day goes by that I forget this.


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