Daily Skincare Routine (feat. Wowlily Facial Brush)

Skincare Routine (ft. Wowlily Silicon Facial Brush)


Today I thought I’d share my skincare routine with you guys! Skincare is super important to me and while there are a plethora of products out on the market, the most important things are to: 1) drink water 2) be cognizant of your diet 3) take off all your makeup at the end of each day, and 4) moisturize!

I always wash my face in the morning with plain water. Because I clean my face with a facial brush and cleanser the night before, I never use either of those in the morning as it dries out my skin like crazy! Over washing your face is NOT good for your skin.

Next I put on eye cream. I’m currently finishing up my tube of Cerave eye cream, and will be moving onto a new one since I didn’t find this one to do too much for me.

Then, I put on a moisturizer; I have been switching back and forth between First Aid Beauty’s Ultra repair cream (on days my face feels super dry or needs extra moisturizing) and CORSX Advanced Snail 92 All in One cream. Then, I put on sunscreen with an SPF of 50+ (currently finishing off my bottle of Cetaphil and then trying a new one after)!


I remove all my makeup! Do not be lazy. I repeat, do not be lazy and sleep with your makeup on. Your skin needs to breathe. I remove my makeup with a cleansing oil or plain coconut oil. I then use micellar water or Neutrogena oil free makeup remover to go over my eyes (I use waterproof mascara and that shit clings on for days).

After that, I clean my face with a cleanser and facial brush. My clarisonic has been crapping out on me so I’ve been using my new Wowlily silicon facial brush (link here) with the Philosophy Purity cleanser. Wowlily’s silicon brush is great for my dry, sensitive skin – it definitely feels way less abrasive than my clarisonic. Don’t get me wrong, I love my clarisonic, but the silicon brush is a great option for a more gentle way to cleanse my face!

Next, I tone my face with some apple cider vinegar x distilled water that I make myself, and then I put on eye cream (currently using Garnier Ultra Lift Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel Cream) and slather on First Aid Beauty’s Ultra repair cream.

On the occasion, I will use First Aid Beauty’s exfoliating pads,  Freeman’s charcoal sugar scrub, or Skinfood’s sugar scrub to exfoliate my skin. In terms of masks, I use random sheet masks I pick up here and there, but I don’t reach for them as often as I would like!

That’s it! I’m going to be trying out Laneige’s water sleeping mask once I’m back from Asia – if you’re interested in a review, let me know and I’ll be happy to throw one up here! See ya next time!

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Rimmel London Voxbox Review: Rimmel London Shake It Fresh Mascara & Only One Matte Lipstick

Influenster Rimmel VoxBox

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the full disclosure.

I received my first VoxBox from Influenster – Rimmel London VoxBox edition. Inside was the Rimmel London Shake It Fresh Mascara & Only One Matte Lipstick in “Trendsetter”. I’m always super excited to test out and review new products! I’ve used a couple Rimmel products before, but it’s not a brand that I usually gravitate towards compared to others (e.g. Maybelline, Wet & Wild, Covergirl, Loreal, etc.). I’ve never really had much luck with the two mascaras I’ve tried from Rimmel in the past, but I am obsessed with their Lasting Finish Foundation.

*Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.*

Influenster Rimmel VoxBox

Influenster Rimmel VoxBox

(FYI the bite marks on the box are from Wigmund, he got a little excited about it when I put it down for photos… you’ll see in my upcoming vlog)!

These were the two products I received in the box were the Rimmel London Shake It Fresh Mascara in “Blackest Black” & Only One Matte Lipstick in “Trendsetter”. Whoever knows me knows that I love my mascara – I layer on three different mascaras on a regular basis because I’m extra like that and want my lashes to be dandy-long-legs long alllllll daaaaayyyyy loooonnnnngggggggggg.

Influenster Rimmel VoxBox
Rimmel London Shake It Fresh MascaraRimmel London Shake It Fresh Mascara in Blackest Black

Rimmel London Shake It Fresh Mascara

This is the wand for the mascara. Nothing spectacular or special – it looks like every other voluminous mascara wand. At the first dip of this wand into the mascara, I already knew that I likely wouldn’t enjoy it. The formula of this mascara was a little too wet… and in my opinion, wet mascara formulas are never good. When I put it on my lashes, I didn’t see much of a difference in the volume (or length) of my lashes. My lashes would not stay curled when I put this on; it felt like it was weighing my them down (despite curling my lashes before and after application). When I tried to put this on my lower lashes, it was just a wet mess, getting into my eyeball and also smearing onto my lower lash line. All in all,  this did not volumize my lashes and just felt more like a coating of… wet mascara. I personally wouldn’t recommend this to anyone looking for a volumizing mascara – I’d suggest going for the Loreal Voluminous instead.

Only One Matte Lipstick

Only One Matte Lipstick Rimmel Only One Matte lipstick in “Trendsetter”

It’s been a minute since I’ve worn lipstick – I’ve been reaching more for liquid lipsticks and lip tints as of lately. But after trying this lipstick out, I realized how much I loved the simplicity of a classic lipstick. Rimmel lipsticks have never disappointed me; I’ve always praised their formulas. This Rimmel lipstick was no different than just that. It did not dry my lips out, is a beautiful “my-lips-but-better” colour, and glides on like a dream (don’t forget to hydrate your lips first with a lip balm, of course). This was not an actual matte finish as one might assume from the name – it leaves a satin-matte finish instead. Of course, like all lipsticks, this does not wear all day and will definitely need reapplication after drinks & meals. However, this isn’t really a big deal as I’ve always found MLBB colours to be pretty fuss-free whenever I reapply; I never have to worry about being extremely precise, and I don’t find it entirely necessary to line my lips because it’s such a subtle colour. The packaging is also great – while it may not look as sleek as other drugstore lipstick packaging, the lid stays tight (goodbye, lipstick stains inside my bag!) which I can really appreciate.

Only One Matte Lipstick Trendsetter Swatch
Only One Matte Lipstick swatch in Trendsetter – in direct sunlight
Only One Matte Lipstick Trendsetter Swatch
Only One Matte Lipstick swatch in Trendsetter – in natural light

Only One Matte Lipstick
So, what do you think? Will you be picking up this lipstick? Or trying out the mascara? Join the conversation & leave your thoughts below!

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REVIEW & SWATCHES: Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals & Crown of My Canopy

Good morning!

Today I have a review and swatch of a Wet n Wild product I have been longing to get my hands on since I’ve seen the release of it in the U.S.A. last year! There has been SO much hype around this product and I love me a good highlighter. As per usual, products always get released in the states first before Canada, and we lag behind sometimes almost over a year before we get it in our stores. So of course, when I saw these in the makeup aisle, I had to pick up both colours – Precious Petals and Crown of My Canopy. Each of these were $6.67 from Walmart.

product shot of wet n wild highlighters Precious Petals and Crown of My Canopy

Precious Petals (L), Crown of my Canopy (R)

I love Wet n Wild. Easily one of my favourite drugstore brands for eyeshadows – they are always buttery soft and pigmented, and the price tag is always more than reasonable. And ya’ll know I love a good deal! However, a thing I am never a fan of with WnW is the packaging of it’s products – it’s cheap (especially the lipsticks – the caps always fall off and the inside of my bag ends up wearing half a tube of the lipstick!) and it sucks. But for the price you’re paying for… you really can’t complain about the packaging. Especially when the product inside is glorious. I can definitely suck it up if I’m paying less than ten bucks for most of the items.

Swatches of Wet n Wild highlighter in precious petals & crown of my canopy

On the left, we have Precious Petals, and on the right we have Crown of my Canopy. Precious Petals is a gorgeous, light rose-gold colour – perfect for highlighting. However, Crown of my Canopy was a hard pass for me in terms of using it as a highlighter. The colour is too dark to put on the tops of my cheekbones, but makes for a beautiful, all-over shimmer bronzer or even a blush topper. If you are darker in skin tone, Crown of my Canopy would definitely work well as a highlighter!

As usual, WnW did not fail to deliver again with pigmentation and consistency of the product. It is buttery, it is highly pigmented without any chunks of glitter in it, and blends like a dream. It’s been my go-to highlighter for the last month! Unfortunately, I have a feeling that this product may have been breaking me out… but that has yet to be confirmed, as my skin has changed drastically the past six months, and many things are still under trial for me.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a budget friendly highlighter! I’m not sure if these are limited edition, but hopefully they are here to stay!

I’ll see you guys next week – I’m planning to do monthly vlogs and the first one will be coming soon! xo

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HOW TO: The “no makeup” Makeup Look


These days I have really been digging the “no makeup” makeup look. Most of you know I LOVE makeup and I love going all out. My daily go-to makeup usually consists of a well defined brow paired with a smoky eye of sorts, but recently I’ve decided to tone it down a bit. I’ve been digging it a lot – there is nothing prettier than natural and nothing better than using makeup to enhance the beautiful features you already have!

This look mainly focuses on having a dewy/glowy complexion, full & unstructured brows, and soft, wispy lashes. The most important step in this look is priming & prepping your skin prior to applying makeup. Wash your face, moisturize the heck out of it, and WEAR SUNSCREEN!  I also like to mix one drop of jojoba oil into my foundation for hydration and a dewy/natural finish. I recommend this step – it blends out foundation like a dream and looks so beautiful!

P.S. I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about my freckles in the photos. They are NOT real! I drew them in with an eyebrow pencil! I felt like they pulled the look together perfectly and made it look even more effortless. I loooove freckles but unfortunately was not blessed with them. But that’s the beauty of makeup – you can add and erase things as you please.

Products (some with affiliate links) listed below:

 – Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation / Loreal True Match Foundation / 1 drop of Jojoba oil
Maybelline Fit Me! Powder
– NYC bronzer in “Sunny”
The Balm “Bahama Mama” contour powder
– Wet n Wild color icon pencil in Mink Brown
Wet n Wild blush in “Heather Silk”
Maybelline Great Lash “clear” mascara
Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Liner in Black
– Falsies ordered from AliExpress (similar to Ardell Wispies)

I also created this look on YouTube with similar products – feel free to check it out!

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REVIEW & SWATCHES: wet n wild megaglo Contouring Palette in Dulce De Leche & Caramel Toffee

Happy Monday!

Today I thought I’d review two drugstore contour palettes from wet n wild. Easily my favourite cheap drugstore brand when it comes to eyeshadows/blushes & lipsticks with quality & pigmentation. I saw a couple videos on this prior to purchasing them, and they had nothing but great reviews. So I went out to look for them. These contour palettes come in two different shades: Dulce De Leche (for fairer skin tones) & Caramel Toffee (for darker skin tones). Dulce De Leche has a more neutral brown where as Caramel Toffee is definitely warmer by quite a bit.

I picked up this palette a couple months ago, right after I picked up the Kat Von D Light & Shade Palette (let me know if you would like a review of this in the comments below if you’re interested). I never know why I always pick up these awesome drugstore products right after I go purchase a high end one. (as you will see again in my upcoming review of some highlighters)

As you can see from the packaging, it’s already pretty beat up from my daily use. Yet if you take a look at the palette itself… it’s barely hitting pan. And I contour & bronze like a mad man.

Caramel Toffee – This is the darkest shade range out of this contour palette line from wet n wild. On the left side we have the undereye setting powder in a banana colour and on the right we have a darker, cocoa colour. I do find that the cocoa colour leans towards the warmer, reddish kind of brown, so you will have to use this with a light hand (I usually use this to accentuate my cheekbones) and ideally not as a nose contour (personally).

Dulce De Leche – The lighter shade out of the two. Ideal for contouring your nose and cheekbones. If you really have a cooler skin tone, this one will probably be the best out of the two for you.

LEFT: Dulce De Leche, RIGHT: Caramel Toffee

Overall, another great bang for your buck. I got each palette for around $5.99 from Superstore. Extremely pigmented & buttery velvet soft. Another winner. Great for beginners who want to try contouring or for those of you who are contour pros… this would be another great addition to your collection. Heck, why not?

If you have this product, what are your thoughts?

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REVIEW & SWATCHES: NYC Lovatics by Demi Natural Eyeshadow Palette

For those of you who know me… you know I love a good deal. Who doesn’t!?

I am a drugstore makeup fanatic… I spend hours standing in the makeup aisle googling a million reviews & swatches of every single product that I want to try. (Sorry to whoever goes to Walmart/Superstore/London Drugs/Shoppers with me)! I LOVE trying new products. So I thought… why not contribute and start reviewing makeup products? I’ve had and continue to try (but clearly never get to because I have trouble following through sometimes…) to do makeup tutorials/reviews on Youtube (click here for my channel) but have never blogged a review. I do hope to do a tutorial with this palette soon though!

Being from Canada, I find that a lot of products I hear about from Youtubers don’t usually hit our shelves until way later… or they just never hit our shelves.

So to my surprise, when I went by Walmart a couple days ago, I saw the NYC Lovatics by Demi Natural Eyeshadow Palette. Yes. That’s right. The dupe of the original Naked by Urban Decay as per all of the interwebs. NO. WAY. There were two more palettes left on the shelf and needless to say, I immediately snagged it for the great price of $7.97!

Side note: I own the original Naked palette by Urban Decay… in fact, it was my very first high end eyeshadow palette. And to be honest… while I reach for it at least once a week to try to put it to good use, I’m not a huge fan of it. Naked is a warm toned palette, which should compliment my yellow undertones, but I find that it looks muddy on me for some reason.

Right from the looks of the palette, the eyeshadows appear to lean towards a cooler tone. It has a mix of shimmer & matte shades, all neutral colours. When you think NYC, you don’t always think quality (with the few exceptions of awesome products here and there)… but these eyeshadows were BUTTERY VELVET SOFT and had great pigmentation all across the board. Hands down even more buttery soft than the Naked palette.

As with most pigmented shadows, there is a bit of fallout, but that’s the price you pay for good pigmentation, yeah? Nothing a little makeup remover and cotton ball can’t fix!

Now onto the swatches (all taken outside in natural lighting)…


Swatches taken directly in sunlight

Swatches taken in the shade

As you can see… the payoff is amazeballs for a drugstore product. Especially a NYC product! I actually like this better than my Naked palette as it does not look muddy on me at all. The eyeshadows stayed on my lids all day with primer underneath and didn’t look like it faded one bit. So bomb. So sick. Great deal.

So would I recommend this? Absolutely. Excellent pigmentation, buttery velvet soft shadows, versatile every-day colours that can easily be turned into night-time looks, bang for your buck… you literally have nothing to lose.

Have you tried this palette out yet? Do you love it? If not, are you looking to, or is this a pass? Leave a comment down below, I’m always interested in your thoughts!

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