A Fur Affair

Chris and I have been scouting locations to shoot my outfits on-the-go. Let me tell you – it isn’t easy, I’ve become a little picky about what I want the background to look like. With time and practice (as with everything), I’m starting to have a vision of how I want things to look like. Luckily, Chris is a very patient man and always pulls over at different locations to do test shots for me!

We drove all over downtown a couple times trying to find a wall I liked to shoot this outfit. We finally drove by the side of a condo, and I quickly pointed out, “THIS ONE”! This is seriously one of my favourite walls I’ve come across.

Today I want to blab a bit about how much I love this faux fur vest, it’s my favourite one (yes, it is the same fur vest as my black and grey one, I picked up all three colours)! All my fur vests have been sitting in my closet for almost two years now, barely worn, because I never really knew what occasion really called for them. All I knew was that I just loved them. At the time when I was looking for a faux fur vest, it was difficult to find one that did not look tacky and cheap, was of good quality, and did not make me look like a giant puff ball. Then miraculously, I came across this one (and the other colours), and the rest was history.  Starting this blog has pushed me to be creative and brave with my outfits, and I’ve been getting a lot more use out of them now! I’ve also discovered how wonderful they are as a layering piece (as shown in previous posts) for winter, making it heck of a lot easier to mix and match with daily outfits!

Hat – Indigo
Turtleneck – Chapman’s
Faux Fur Vest – Dynamite
White long tank – Stitches
Leggings – some generic cotton ones from Asia!

I decided to top the look off with this beautiful, light grey wool coat by Jacques Vert. The fur on the hood is so soft and the colour is absolutely stunning. It has a purple/blue tint to the grey and it is aaaamaaaazing. The thing I love most? The deep pockets! I love pockets (and I’m sure you can all relate)!

Thank you so much for reading – blogging has been such a blast, and I have never been happier!

Photography by Christopher Nguyen

Until next time! xx

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